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Related article: Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 16:02:00 -0700 From: Subject: Fantasy HotelFantasy Hotel - sucker41wowmail.comWell another business trip, how I hate traveling to the same old hotel chains. This trip would be different, but I didn't know how different. The travel agent I usually used was closed for a vacation. I knew of another just around the corner but had never been there. What's the difference one is the same as another I thought. Boy was I wrong. I went in told this cute guy behind the desk where lolita bbs nymphet naked I had to go, I told him I was sick of the hotel chain hell and he asked me if I was into a fantasy trip. I told him it was a business trip, but he told me I had to return from business sometime. I notice him checking me out as I checked him out. He even made some excuse to leave his desk so I could see his cock showing through thin white fabric pants. He was about 5" soft, I was hungry. He noticed and as he got out of sight of the front window, lowered his pants enough to show the real thing. I got hard as a rock. He came back and introduced himself as Tim, and told be about this hotel in Hollywood called The Fantasy Hotel. At this hotel your every dream seems to come true. Staff who are nude above the main floor. Main floor staff that will young ebony lolita teen meet you after work and guests, guests who fill every type and fantasy you can think. I had him make the reservations. I was to leave the following day. Tim said he was going down during the same time, and we might lolitas bear hug stories see each other. See each other, that would not be enough. Just then another client entered and Tim being alone had to excuse himself. The flight to LA was boring, same old airline, same old tired jokes from the crew, no men hot enough to hunt. The rental car and u15 lolita pti gallery I was off to the hotel. Upon arriving the hotel was located on Melrose but was gated. I pulled into the drive and pushed the buzzer. A voice came on and asked who I was, I told him and the gate started to open. As I drove in my eyes almost popped out. A gardener, Mediterranean, was naked as a jay bird. Hairy chested, hung like a horse, uncut and watering the flowers. My flower was ready to bloom. The drive ended at the front door where a man dressed only in a pair of gym shorts met me and opened the door. As he did I could see his cock hanging out of the leg line. Another uncut cock. I was in for the time of my life. I went in and the guy who met me Carl brought my bags in. At the front desk was Eric, a blonde, with a hairy chest, blue eyes, looked like a lifeguard, was sitting behind the desk. As I registered he asked me a number of questions. I told him the answers and invited him to my room when he got off work. He said he needed a massage and I told him to come prepared for the massage of his life. Eric pushed his stool back to show me a 8" cut cock which he stroked a few times and said he would be there. Eric then told me my room was on the 4th floor of the hotel, located on the level with the pool and hot tub. I entered the elevator with Carl right behind me. In the elevator Carl took off his shorts. I didn't waste a minute lowering to suck that cock. We got to my floor and Carl pulled away so we could get off. Well I was going to get something off that was a given. Carl led me to my room past numerous acts of sex, sucking, kissing, and even a couple fucking in this room with an open door. Carl let me into my room and I started the sucking from where I left off. He came and came and came. He then told me about the hotel. You could get any action you wanted. Me image board and lolita I'm a cock sucker (tell me you didn't figure that one out). I left my room not having a meeting until tomorrow to explore the grounds. I found the gardener Matt around the side of the building, I starting talking to him and he knew what I wanted and he seemed to want it even more. I knelt down and started sucking that cock, did I tell you it was huge. I sucked like I never had before. Matt started fucking my face, a group of guys formed to watch, that turned us both on more. Matt fucked my face while a guy I don't know who crawled in between my legs and started sucking my cock. Now one in my face and mine in another, I was going to like this hotel. Matt started to cum and the men started to swoon. Matt pulled out of my mouth to cum on my chest. Before he was finished, men were licking my chest and another man had started to finish Matt off by sucking the last few drops. I was starting to come now and the guy pulled off so I could come on my chest, again it was gone before I was done. Men love to taste of other men. I started back towards my room when I saw a guy 30ish, 6', standing next to a tree who had been watching. He was rock hard and ready, so was I. I went over and without a word started to suck that man tool into my pussy mouth. Derrick was his name, he was on the little young lolitas nudes same floor as I and invited me to dinner in his room. Well dinner consisted of nipple appetizers, cock salad, ass meat and tongue for dessert. Derrick was 10" when hard which was from 6pm - 11pm, my ass was opened for business from 7pm -11pm. Derrick knew how to fill his guests evening. I went back to my room only to find a guy waiting inside, the guy was Eric, he was hot, he was 8" but it seemed to grow inside my hot mouth. Eric didn't make it home that night, he was a guest of the sucker41's mouth for hours. When we fell asleep I was looking at the cock I had drained a few times and Eric was drained of any energy. I woke up with Eric sucking my cock. I came and we got up and showered. As Eric left my room I spotted Tim, well I would have invited him in but I had business meetings. I asked him his room number and as I noticed him stop it was next door to mine. I went back in long enough to unlock the door between our rooms. I wanted someone to visit latter. Tim did the same and came in to give me a quick kiss before I left. That day at work was hard to think. I finished my meetings and got back to the Fantasy Hotel as quick as I could. Tim was waitng for me. I stripped and he got hard just watching. His cock was 5" soft but grew rather well to 8". I sucked and fucked Tim all evening, Eric joined us latter and we had a 3 way all night. I had to leave the next day but this is now my hotel of choice.
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